Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Day in Monsterville

Jerry was new to the area, but not to his trade. With his long resume and charismatic personality he was hired immediately at Happy Harry's House of Furniture. His first day was quiet and uneventful, though a few of his customers were dressed quite garishly and made him more than a bit nervous. "I'd have thought long flowing multicolored crinoline skirts, huge hoop earrings and bandannas had gone out of style" he said to a coworker who smiled grimly in response. His second day was more challenging.

Shortly after punching in, Jerry was standing near the leather collection when the entrance door flew open with a boom and blast of white light. What followed was difficult to fathom. A man, nay a thing approximating a human being shambled through the opening, it's arms held upright and forward, dripping a greenish ooze. Jerry stood frozen by fear as the being limped to his side and then turned its head completely around, slowly, while little crackling sounds rifled throughout the building as if all the beast's bones were being broken and then reattached.

"Hello" it finally said. "I'm looking for a nice recliner, which would you recommend for a creature of my stature?' Sadly Jerry was unable to help the new customer. He'd fainted dead away.

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