Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reeled In

She’d searched for a man of impeccable breeding,
one sturdy and honest and kind most of all.
He might be quite handsome, but that was not vital;
just pleasant to look at and less short than tall.

She’d wanted a master, at least of his own life;
employed, somewhat healthy and quick with his wit.
He must be unmarried, she’d no taste for drama,
but as to experience, she cared a bit.

She’d looked for a partner, a ying for her yanging,
a fellow explorer and not a blind slug.
If he were no champion he’d still maybe suit her
but he should be strong without being a thug.

I warned her that I had but few of her fancies;
that I was more substitute than perfect match.
But she stretched her wants to encompass my failings,
determined to see if this fish was a catch.

We found I could fill one or two of her wishes,
but most would be left on the cutting room floor.
She found herself fond of a bad boy with manners.
I found myself blessed by her hand evermore.

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