Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Dragon's Breath

There was no telling how fast it was moving. I could only control my own speed, and I tried my best to keep it above seventy as we dipped into a vale, crossed the Sand Creek railroad tracks and climbed the steep rise before us. She was uncharacteristically holding tightly to me, just as nervous about our pursuer as I. “We’ll be fine” I shouted above the loud crash and rumble that near shook the ground all about us, “I have this under control!”

It was dicey to rush at speed perpendicular to the beast down the gravel road that would take us to shelter, but to give up at that last moment would have been not only cowardly, but dangerous, as it turned out.

She near leapt from the bike as I rolled to a stop before our garage, and with a flick of her wrist at the door handle and a jump of the throttle, she and the bike and I were indoors, just a breath before the sky exploded and shards of crystal came pounding down. For 15 minutes the house shook, the trees touched the ground below them and the wind made melody of anger and impatience.

After the storm had been spent and the rain ceased to blot out the sun, we laughed about our escape from the jaws of the Earth mother and her flying voltage, and then sipped cocoa while watching the birth and death of a trailing rainbow.

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