Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Rise of Imbroglio

For the prompt: Chaos is dead

Imbroglio was adamant. “We must no longer acquiesce to Chaos” he shouted to the crowd; “Anarchy is our only hope!”

Fracas nodded, his plan unfolding perfectly. In only a single fortnight he and his co-conspirators Turmoil, Clamor and Maelstrom had turned the small but globally important
country against its ruler Ataxia, the 32nd Chaos of Malcontentia. It had been suggested that the disparate population  could not be combined, that such diverse citizens as Distemper, Plunder and Holy-Hell couldn’t be drawn together into a butcher’s quorum, that the evildoers would need to instead contract a mercenary band of polar opposites to do their dirty deed. Names like Harmony and Tidiness were mentioned, along with their assassin’s guild’s charismatic leader, Tranquility. 

But instead, believing in the concept of mobocracy as imagined by the once proud leader of the State of Disorientation, Tumult the Troubled, the conspirators spent their resources on riling the base rather than buying the sharp tongues necessary to replace an aging utter confusion.

On that fateful day, as Chaos was busily scribbling a speech on the blessings of the lesser god Entropy, a gallimaufry of un-landed gentry burst into his room and drove a muddle of mistakes right through his tiny heart, handing over his bloodied crown to their new liege, Imbroglio, 33rd Chaos of Malcontentia.

“Chaos is dead! Clamor shouted.

“Long live Chaos” the sheep replied.

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