Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ernest Got Her Goat

Amalie cast the spell with a great roar and mighty fluttering of fingers. When the enormous puff of smoke wafted to the east, there in the center of the blood drawn pentagram stood a miniature goat. Amalie screamed. The goat fainted dead away.

“What the… I followed the instructions to the letter!”

“You’re one man short I think” said her brother Magnus.

“One, two three four five six! No, I have six dead bodies, three men and three women!”

“Well no, that third one is my blow up doll Ernest. I was using him as a placeholder so it’d look like I was finished and you wouldn’t yell at me again. I didn’t expect you to cast the stupid spell without asking me!”

“That’s just great! I can only do the spell once ya know! I was supposed to get Satan, and all I get is a damned goat!”

“Yea, but he’s a cute goat” Magnus protested as he ducked his head barely keeping it on his shoulders as Amalie swung her specially made witch broom handle scythe in his direction. “And look! He faints!!!”

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