Friday, March 8, 2013

Guilt by Association

The man stood silently and waited for the police cruiser's siren to stop wailing before he confronted the lawman.

"What have I done?" asked Billy Bob.

"Well son" replied Officer Crimpet, "after fixing your soapbox gocart you left a nail in the street. We have determined this is the very nail that flattened the tire of Mrs. Bergomot's car, which forced her to lose control, flinging her from the street and into Mr. Zed's yard, tearing out his rosebushes before smashing into the side of his house, which toppled over into the driveway of Pastor Gullikson, crushing his new Ford Focus, causing him to say the MF word, which caught dear Mrs. Hammer right in the moral plexus causing her to faint and fall backward through the rectory window and become impaled by Captain Jacobsen's grave-head crucifix, the oldest cemetery memorial in all of Smithers County."

"So you're arresting me for murder?"

"No. For littering. I just thought that other stuff was fascinating."

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