Friday, March 29, 2013

The Turret

Doctor Phillips held the door open. “I’ll be right outside if you need me. Good luck.”

~ This room is amazing! 2,4,6. Eight windows, nearly floor to ceiling! This is the turret I saw when I drove in; we must be at the back of the house. And that woodwork! Hand carved I’m sure, with at least a dozen coats of varnish!

I must step softly, I don’t want to frighten him. Why is he facing away from me. Wouldn’t it have been better to have him… No matter.

He looks healthy enough, and clean, shaven, but so much older. God, has it been that long?

“Jerry? Jerry, it’s John. Remember? Your brother?”

He’s not moving, not even looking up. Well I knew this wouldn’t be easy. I feel like I’m blocking his view. He’s looking right through me.

“Jerry? I know I haven’t been around much. But that’s going to change now. My work has brought me closer, I just live down the way, in Barlow; I promise I will visit as often as I can.”

Maybe if I touched him. Maybe he’ll feel reassured. God, I want to touch him, to hug him, my poor Jerry, life’s so cruel. I’ll just touch my fingers to his face. Slowly.

“Jerry? Jerry, it’s John.”

What’s that on his forehead. Oh my God, that’s sweat. He’s showering sweat. His lips are moving, quivering, he’s going to say s…


Did he just say please? It sounded like, like a screech. I can’t do this, I have to go.

“Jerry, I’m so sorry. I’ll be back, I promise.”

The door, the door.

“It’s alright doc, I just need some air, I’ll be back after a time.”


Jerry felt the breeze on the back of his neck.

~ Don’t go little men. Why are you rushing off? Are you afraid!

Kalomp, Kalomp, Kalomp, Kalomp, Kalomp…

I’m afraid too. AFRAID! Something’s coming! I don’t want to look! Can’t it go away? It’s a man! A huge man! It’s so dark in here, I can barely see him. He looks mean, like he hasn’t had his breakfast, Like he hasn’t had his oatmeal and bananas and juice. Juicy juice.

What’s he saying? Jayee? TV? I could watch TV. I could watch TV right now in fact. Doctor Phillips says… why are the little folk hiding behind the furniture. Did I do something wrong? Did I scare them? I’M scared! That man! That beast! He keeps talking and talking and talking!

No. Noooo! Look at that! He’s reaching for me! He’s going to hurt me! He’s going to crush me! Help me little men, HELP! Please don’t hurt me mister! I’ll be good! You won’t even know I’m here! I’ll watch TV. Yes, I promise! Oh, he’s still re… he’s going to grab me! Please mister!

I must cross the border! I must go to the other side! I must…


Kalomp Kalomp Kalomp Kalomp…

He’s gone now. It’s safe now. Safe. Now. For now.

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