Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Childhood Reunion

He tried to tickle me. Sure, it was “in the moment”, I had just told a story about he and I as children and I have to admit the tale was sort of endearing. I wasn’t shocked or anything. He used to tickle me when we were kids.; all the time in fact, until I couldn’t breathe. We’d talk about it endlessly. “Don’t” I’d say. “Knock it off” I’d shout. But it was like talking to a wall, he’d just tickle away, laughing all the while.

Still, when I’d finished my anecdote and he’d reached over to start the tickling I said “Please man, don’t do it. I swear I really mean it. Don’t tickle me Dan, it wasn’t funny then and it’s not funny now” But he just kept on coming, giggling you know, while he said something like “aw c’mon, you know you like it.”

That’s when I shot him dead.

I certify that this is the truth, signed the 13th of February, 2011,

Ron Johnson

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