Friday, April 5, 2013

Marble Rules

 From the prompt: Mismatched chess set

On the command of my king and with the blessing of my queen I slipped out our castle gates to do battle upon the enemy. The constant twists and turns of the road made me a bit dizzy, but as I learned to anticipate each maneuver I became more steady in the saddle. Within sight of Castle Black I ran across Bishop Green Dolomite, having faced off with Bishop Stainless Steel of the Black Guard. My path led me right to the latter and I lay him down posthaste. A few pawns attacked thereafter, one squire Shellacked Maple and two of clan Chisled Granite. Bishop Dolo took out the wooden vassal whilst I was forced to dance between the granites, lopping them both before I was through. My queen, the lovely Carved Teak, met me on the field, and we soon had King Cheap Plastic Withalittleknobontopwherethemoldwasbroken in checkmate. The Knight of White Marble had once again saved the kingdom.

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