Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Answer to Whydah Fah

The Whydah sang of great deeds and kindness offered, of practical jokes and clever rhyme. An elder Whydah was dead, and so the clan had gathered to sing his praises lest his ancient spirit enter Whydahell without introduction.

The clan chieftain Whydah Bugzexist motioned for the group to be seated. It was customary for the death celebration to be opened with a story of some import, given by the Whydah closest to the deceased in years. "Gentlemen, it's clear that some of us have never known Whydah Fah. Whydah Longface, have you an anecdote you might share?"

"Yes Whydah Bugzexist, I do in fact" said the chosen.

"Oh no" whispered Whydah Silliness to no Whyda in particular, "not that story about the Three Whyda Smen and the star again."

Whydah Strangelook twisted in his seat and reached across the campfire to whack Whyda Silliness across the shoulder. "Let's give Whydah Longface our complete attentions sir, this is to commemorate the life of our good friend Whydah Fah; we shall tolerate no excessive Silliness."

"Who are you calling excessive" Whydah Silliness shouted as he waggled his finger in the face of his detractor.

"Now, now gentlemen, this is a wake not a hockey game" Whydah Commotion admonished. "Let's let our elder tell his story that we might all ponder the wisdom of Whydah Fah."

"Whydah Fah indeed!" the assembled cheered, and for the next who knows how long, the Whydah pondered and pranced, protracted and pontificated upon the life of one of their most beloved; the great and powerful Whydah Fah.

Only Whydah Grapejuicedisisapartyletshavesomebooze was disappointed in the proceedings, but he was known as a sourpuss and his complaints were dismissed as the flatulence of a junior grade Whydah Longname, the supreme guardians of the gates of Whydahell. In fact the night went so well that a scribe, Whydah HeckdoIcomeupwithdiskindacrap wrote a verse to set the occasion into historical stone.

As Whydahell burned brightly on that cold and wint'ry night
the Whydah, somewhat lightly, quelled their nonsense appetite
The Whydah spoke of Whendah Smoke and Wheresdah Spatula
The Whydah sang of what a joy, to once know Whydah Fah.

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