Wednesday, July 24, 2013

By Fear, Poeseussed

Whimsy dreamed of walking in her father Sorrow's woods
Her mother, sweet Confusion warned "you never, ever should."
"There's Fears and Dreads and Sycophants and they might eat you up!
My Sorrow's woods is not the place for happy buttercups."

"But Mother dear" our Whimsy cried "you've come to sad conclusions"
"No wonder Gramma Reticent has named her love Confusion
I'd never go alone my sweet, I'd take my bestest friend;
with Happiness to guide me your anxiety should end!"

"A disobeying daughter is a curse upon my head!
You might be hopeless, I should spank your wisdom bottom red
But since you speak impertinence, I'll leave you to your quest
And take your puppy Comfort too, he seems a little stressed"

So Whimsy gathered Comfort and with Happiness set out
to have a new experience, to rid herself of doubt
they reached the edge of forests dark, all felt a tinge of fright
but promises were made to keep, they'd cure their angst tonight.

With whistles for a signal, they'd agreed to split a bit
They'd learn to be more comfortable, find courage, build up grit
Indecision still attacked the girls and Comfort even cowered
they suffered bouts of nervousness, their fatalism towered

But on and on the lassies strode they soon obliged obliquely
the needs of self discovery: overcoming living meekly
And sure enough, they stumbled on a pack of Fear and Dread
that chased away the sugarplums that danced in Whimsy's head

She held her breath, she closed her eyes, she'd chase these demons out
she'd had them stopped with fallacy, but soon she'd see self doubt
The monsters crept into her soul and blackened it to light
she lay back in complacency, she'd given up the fight

But Happiness and Comfort went a'running for some help
They thought they saw a hunter, Comfort gave a little yelp!
The man that lumbered toward them was Self's Hunter, named Esteem
and yes, he'd come to Whimsy's side and kill these hateful themes

He pulled the axe of knowledge and he flailed his mighty arms
He struck one fear and cleaved it clear of Whimsy's many charms
an hour later she was safe, less petulant, but proud
she'd won the day with Self's Esteem, she cried her joy aloud!

"Now let this be a lesson", her dear mom Confusion spoke
"Don't play with Sorrow's many toys, they're not for weak-kneed folk"
Before our Whimsy went to bed, she stood at Comfort's door
And said "I know you'd swallow Fear, but mom said....nevermore."

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