Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aint Love Grand

Sean was giggling to himself. That meant no good was on its horse and preparing to ride.

"Them two old gits in the penthouses love each other wha? They just needs someone like we two to help 'em get all cozy like!"

Sabrina laughed. "You're daft Sean Hannigan" she choked out; "they hate each other ya mean. We could help 'em kill each other's more like it!"

Sean feigned an arrow through his heart. "I'll prove it I will, and won't you feel silly!" He picked up two small rocks from the garden and handed one to his lovely. "On the count of three, heave this at Missus Ferg's window and I'll toss mine at Mister Bicksley's. Then quick hide under the bushes and you'll witness bloody heaven on earth!"

Sabrina said "Me mum thinks you're insane ya know, she hates it when I go out with you, she thinks I'll come back home in a police van."

Grinning, Sean whispered "There's a good lass, toss the little fuckin stone wouldja? One, two, two and a half, two and a half and a quid, three!"

The pair ducked for cover as the rocks tinked against the facing glass two stories above the courtyard. As if on a timer, both windows opened at once and an old woman and man stuck their heads out of their respective flats and hollered. "Who's out there!" Screamed Missus Ferg. "Who did that ya dirty little bastards!" shouted Mister Bicksley.

There was a moment of silence while the elders craned their heads so as to spot the perpetrators, and then they stared directly at each other and frumped.

"Bitch!" Said Mr. Bicksley as he waved both his hands toward the woman as if to sweep her out of sight.

"Crank!" said Mrs. Ferg while pointing her crooked finger at the man across the way. And then both windows slammed shut.

Goh! You're not crazy! They're in love alright" said Sabrina, opening her eyes as wide as they'd go for dramatic effect. 
"They sound just like me parents!"

"Told ya missy" Sean giggled. "I've been surrounded by adults all me friggen life, I knows what love is!"

"Should we do it again then?"

"You can't rush it I'm told" he answered. "Let's wait an hour. Smoke?"

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