Monday, August 12, 2013

Earlybird Gets the Prize

Rudy Earlybird's body was nosed into a finely dug grave (hole, courtesy of Dusty the Dog), by a reluctant Rocky Racoon. Everyone loved Rudy, even the worms had surfaced to pay their respects to a worthy adversary who had died protecting his mate and chicks from the evil Vivica A. Fox.

The preacher Oliver Owl finished his flapping as the gathered congregation sang one last refrain of "When the red red robin goes bob bob bobbin along". And then Freddie Fieldmouse, president of the forest creature commission, asked the guests to drop a favored memento alongside the corpse as is the custom amongst Mother Earth's chosen.
Fran Feralcat coughed up a special hairball for the occasion and gently placed it aside her favorite bird pal, Tom Tortoise was going to be a few hours late but was at that moment carrying a piece of his favorite seaweed to the site and Charlotte Silkworm had weaved a lovely scarf in which to wrap the Avian.


“Wow, that’s a big rock” said Chuck Chickenhawk as Samantha Squirrel rolled an orchid sized, clear, sparkling stone into the grave; “And pretty too! What kind is it?”

“Fred Ferret tells me it’s a six carat blue diamond” Sam said; “damn near broke a tooth on it, I thought it was an albino walnut! It's not worth anything really, but it's all I have, and Rudy loved all things blue.”

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