Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hens' Revenge

Jasmine was certain that only yesterday farmer Browning's henhouse was standing right there near the corn crib. In fact, unless she was going insane, she'd had a fine lunch of poulet tartare within a few feet of the brand new building that had seemingly risen overnight. 

It looked like the chicken coop, but it was so colorful; with little green and white striped awnings keeping the sun from miniature double hung windows, and a red swinging door that seemed much bigger and brighter than the dirty, mud brown opening she'd had to slink through yesterday.

There was a sign posted outside, like the billboards that were planted near the human highways. But alas, the type was too small or Jasmine was too old... so she scoonched a little closer so as to see what was so important that it demanded it's own poster.
Fox Haven the headline read, The perfect spa for the discriminating Fox! Hair combing, nail clipping, tail rubbing and ear scouring, as well as blood bathing and paw pad massage. All are welcome! Free for the first 10 foxes!

Jasmine was very excited. She deserved a little pampering, and it was free! What could be the harm?

As she stepped into the opening and the big red door swung closed, the room became quite dark. "How soothing" Jasmine thought, just as 65 mad hens leapt from the rafters and clawed the poor dear onto the floor where they tied her, gagged her and pushed her into a corner so as to keep her still while they waited for the next customer.

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