Saturday, August 17, 2013

Postcard from Goodville

At the Goodville cafe, the wall beyond Chef Bobby Goodman's grill is covered in coffee cups. Each regular customer has a personal mug hanger, on which hangs a personally provided cup. 

At the top of the collection is a clear glass mug with the inscription, "No Secrets before the Big G", belonging to the Goodville Baptist church pastor Latham Goodfellow. The postmaster, Mbumba Goodswana, a recent immigrant from the African nation of Goodansland has the next cup in line; the one covered in 3 cent stamps. 

Then there's the schoolmarm Bertha Goodytwoshoes' cup, a line drawn around its center with the phrase "Always half full" written below, and finally the cup of Goodville Bowl and Pub's lapdance trainer, Misty Goodbye's mug. It's the fire engine red cup with the golden pasties glued to its side.

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