Monday, August 5, 2013

The Good Samaritan Graveyard

It was a lousy idea; ok I'm not superhuman after all. If I can get out of this I promise I'll never do anything this stupid again. Of course, what if I can't get out of this. I can't have more than a minute and a half, even when I was young I couldn't hold my breath much more than two minutes.

Where the hell did he go I wonder, I dove in right behind him. I really thought I'd run into him; God the look on his face when the ice shattered and he dropped like a stone... I can hardly believe I reacted so fast and still, he'd already vanished by the time I'd opened my eyes underwater. And now not only can I not see him but I can't see the hole either.

If I scratch this surface in the direc...there; now if I pass this way again at least I know which way not to go. It's amazing how cold the water is, it's everything I can do to keep from screaming; my head is pounding my joints are sore, and I've only been in for what, 20 seconds? I still feel pretty good, I have some time yet but man I'm wearing thin. I'd shuck the clothes, they're getting so heavy, but I can imagine how cold it'd be without.... crap, there are my markings. Ok let's go to the left. Man that hurts, like I'm tearing my nails right off my fingers. Maybe I am and that'll be the story that makes me famous. David Letterman will be amazed that I survived and like he did with that guy that cut off his arm or hand or whatever, he'll have me on his show and nearly cry while I tell the story about how I made signs on the underside of the ice.

Ok concentrate, this is getting old fast. My lungs are burning I can't have long; surely I'm going to do this, right? Right GOD? I'm a good guy right? I'm the Samaritan, the guy that jumped in to save his friend, the guy that risked it all for his fellow man! Surely you won't let me die here within inches of fresh air! Jesus come on, this can't be for real FUCK! There are my marks again; I've gone both ways, Crap! Dammit Dammit what do I do now? Please God don't do this, don't let me suffocate, please oh Christ I don't want to die right now. Later...please I swear if you let me out and give me a couple days to make amends I'll be happy to leave then but NOT RIGHT NOW!

Scratch boy scratch, I'm already losing it, the light just came down a notch and I don't think that was a cloud. It's probably my cornea bursting in the sub freezing liquid. Sure, like drowning's not enough, I'll start imploding first and lose my senses one at a time. Maybe that's what happens, how anyone would know is… SCRATCH FOR GOD'S SAKE SCRATCH! It's not like anyone's died and lived to tell about it. Alright POUND THE DAMN ICE THEN!!!!

Aw crap, I didn't have to actually scream it, thinking it would have been plenty. Now I have nothing to draw on, it feels like there's a vacuum cleaner in my chest and I've got my hand stuck over the nozzle and the motor is whining really loud because it really really wants to suck some air and if I don't let.... screw it, I've gotta breathe or...whatever. I love you Meg. I'm so sorry. Please don't cry, I'll be ok. Ok, go 

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