Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Risk of Small Talk

 They began with small talk. "So what did you do last summer" seemed innocuous enough.

For Tom, the time between high school and college was his brandy summer; the culmination of a perfect aging process, expensive yet attainable, smooth, golden, to be sipped not merely swallowed. It was 3 months of heaven, a savory, guilty pleasure that capped fiercely long days of freedom killing conformity, and welcomed the new paradigm of constant, self fulfilling choice.
For Gwen, the time between high school and college was her brandy summer; overpowering, unreasonable, with a penchant to burst into all consuming fire if exposed to the slightest lick of open flame. It was three months of hell, a rancid vinaigrette poured with malice past tender lips without a moment's sensitivity.

Tom and Gwen decided to try another topic, lest their blind date deteriorate into shouting and hurled insults.

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  1. Oh dear. Poor Gwen! Tom sounds like a dropout, though.