Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Weapon of Distinction

"Chester...Buddy! What's wrong with your tongue?"

"Whatdya mean what's wrong with it? Does it seem shorter or something?"

"It glows man! Kind of a yellow green thing though the colors keep shifting."
Chester pushed out his tongue and curled it skyward so he could see what his friend Atlatl was talking about. Sure enough, once he'd unfurled his favorite device within his vision it was obvious; it did glow, and it was quite scary.

"I... I don't know, I haven't been doing anything odd lately besides drinking in the warm pond just below the giant smokestack building. Oh my Lord! I wonder if it still works?"

Atlatl was calm enough, though his eyes bugged out at the mention of the giant smokestack building. The wilderness council had demanded that no member go near the monstrosity. Strange things were happening within spitting distance of that place; two headed frogs were common as well as fish that swam on their backs and sang Ivy League college fight songs. It was all just too creepy.

"Only one way to find out buddy boy, there's a few anthills right over here. Try it out and see if you've still got the magic!"
Chester the anteater waddled to his friend's side and looked straight downward into the sugar sand that lined the Carver River beach. Indeed there were anthills aplenty, and so Chester took aim and sent his newly glowing tongue burrowing for a cheap snack.

"Wow that's kinda cool" said Atlatl. Look at em run way down there, it was too damn dark to see em before! You're tongue's like a searchlight!"

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