Tuesday, September 10, 2013

J is for Huly

J is for Huly

(A light textual misappropriation in 4/4 time)

“Jello!” I said to Javier when je and Juan came to my jouse
“I’m cooking jam and scrambled eggs, jave you the time to eat?”
“I can’t eat Jam, I’m Hewish!” Javier said, “Jow ‘bout jicama?”
“Oh right!” I answered grinning, “joneyed jicama’s your treat!”


“I jave a pot of joney left by Jesus Hones of J-Bee farms”
‘The best bees in this jemisphere’ Jesus is known to say.”

“Hust add some Jalapeño” Javier requested jappily
“cuz Jalapeñoed joney covered jicama’s my way!”


“So Juan” I said while chopping jeat, “some jam and scrambled eggs perhaps?”
“I’d much prefer jerbed jaddock, or, he said, “jot jaggis stew!”

“I’ve jamburger” I answered “and some hell-o mold with jalf and jalf.”

“Gadzooks” said Juan “That’s perfect! Yes, a jamburger will do!”


Jow jeavenly it is to lunch with jippies from my sorted past
Jow jigh I get while habbering with friends from Jamul way
We toasted with our huicy huice and Himmy Hingle coffee drinks
And promised, come Huly, we’d jave another hoyous day!

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