Friday, September 13, 2013

The Picnic

The ogre wandered through the wood to make his rendezvous
he scratched his arse and belched a bit. Well, that's what ogres do
And once he reached the meeting place he sat and thought aloud
"ah sure iz glad itz only her and not some jeering crowd!"

The lady came just moments late, a basket at her side
A flower's stem, a gentle rain, black hair and almond eyed
While ogre clapped and hopped about the lady set their place
A lovely little picnic; respite from the human race

She sidled up to ogre once the luncheon had begun
they spent the aft' in munching, telling jokes and poking fun
And ogre shed a happy tear, he loved his lady fair
but he'd too often thought things sad; twas time to clear the air

"How can youz really like me, I iz oaf and youz a queen
and you livez der and I livez here, ders so much space between
you iz so sweet and smellgud i iz ogre mean and foul"
With this the ogre felt so sad his brain threw in the towel

The lass just sat and listened then she smiled and stroked his hair.
"You're not an oaf" she kindly said "You're just a teddy bear."
"I know when you act crabby it's a show that ogres learn
and if I wait and give you time I know your mood will turn."

The ogre touched her raven hair and gazed into her eyes
the lady was so beautiful, so comforting, so wise
The rain began and so they rushed for home, laughing and dripping
You can't imagine what it's like to see an ogre skipping

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