Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A "Song for Sickies", a Halloween Love Poem

A Song for Sickies

How irksome life must be for those that practice necrophilia
How empty is the heart of someone pining for the dead
It seems their object of desire is soulless memorabilia;
a rigor mortised body and formaldehyded head!

I’ve found that sex is far more far more fun when conversation freely flows,
and I have tried but failed to share a corpse joined repartee.
Then, I have had my share of partners more adept at porn tinged prose
than common touchy feely; so perhaps death sets one free?

I still cannot imagine; there are times that I would like to lie
and let my partner do their thing upon my goose bumped flesh!
So how would a cadaver reach across my rather ample thigh?
Erector sets with moving cranes and digit cradling mesh?

Just leave the dead alone boys, just leave the corpses be
there’s plenty of the live ones for the likes of you and me!
Just take your chances with the girls that breathe and still have hair
but-- if you insist on coffins, once you’re finished, please stay there!

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