Monday, October 7, 2013

A Week Off

I had to shout to make myself heard over the din.

"Ok, ok quiet down everyone! Feath, the prompt writing moderator said she was taking a week off and I'm guessing that's final so let's just relax and come up with alternative time consumptive nonsensical concepts to pursue!"

Magical Muse was undeterred. "Are you sure she really meant it? You know girls are odd that way, sometimes they just want one to adore them a little and then they come back to life."

"She said she was fried lass."

"You mean fried as in deference to parboiled? Fried as in French? Fried as in the Bride of Frankenstein? Fried as in Timothy Leary? Fried as i..."

"She said she needs a break love. You know what that's like; it's not like sometimes you don't come when I call."

She harrumphed. "I told you I'm a painter and sometimes I'm involved in the most delicate spot, my eyes squinted just so, my brush fingers just beginning to cramp, the tinted goo on my camelhair just starting to skin over. You wouldn't want me to just set down my brush and ruin what could have been hours of careful consideration would you?"

"You haven't carefully considered anything in your life dear. You're a product of me remember?"

She harrumphed again, only this time she ran up and got right in my face first for maximum effect.

"But what are we gonna do till next Saturday?" Her lower lip extended far enough it appeared to be a small birdbath. 
"I so love to play with feath's goofy word lists."

"I'm not sure love." I turned to the collective. "Any of the rest of you have ideas?"

Maudlin Muse raised her hand, slowly, while groaning, a pout firmly planted on her pretty face. "I vote we write about misery" she said, slightly croaky; "Something from the distant past that we just can't let go. Pick an ex wife perhaps, or that time we had toilet paper hanging out of the back of our pants at our high school graduation. We should drag some dead horse out from under the couch and beat it to smithereens just like we used to!"

Muffy Muse just shook her head, then giggled as all Muffy muses are wont to do. "Let's go find circus animals in the clouds!"

Monsterous Muse shouted "let's build a castle out of sticks and then crush it under our big feet!"

Merriment Muse cried "Let's create a new Dairy Queen Blizzard flavor. I vote for banana and bugs!"

Meritorious Muse exclaimed "let's spend a week singing our praises! Certainly we have enough to boast about that we might take up an entire week or better, TWO!!!!"

Mescaline Muse slurred "chill out dude, let's just groove".

Materialistic Muse stomped her feet. "I wanna go shopping, you never take me shopping anymore cheapskate!"

As my dozens of cranial companions began to argue with each other on the merits of their own plans, I turned to Magic Muse, my favorite of all, and said "see what you started? All we had to do was think a little before we started whining."

Magic Muse climbed onto my shoulder and nuzzled my ear. "You're right of course, we can find something fun to do. I know, how bout we make a magic carpet and go for a Sunday drive."

I was intrigued, and gratified she'd seen the light. "Where to lass" I asked.

"Let's go to feath's house and see if we can talk her into writing more prompts!"

I turned on the tv. "Back in your cage missy" I said, "until you learn to come up with your own ideas!"

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