Friday, October 4, 2013

The Problem with Lake Cthulu

"You are so wrong" Sue shouted, accentuating the "so" hard enough to nearly whistle the word. "There are no such things as lake monsters and I will not come in from the dock! It's hot and I intend to stay until I'm cooled off!"

I was surprised how sad it made me that she didn't believe my plea. Ten others had acted exactly the same way in the past few months, some even hurling insults at me, accusing me of being mentally ill. Maybe I still had a crush on Susan, maybe I felt a special horror in what was about to happen because I still harbored some love for the girl.

It didn't matter why really. It was only moments before the tentacle came slithering out of the water and across the dock, gripping her leg and dragging her off the platform while she screamed for my help.

"I am not wrong Susie," I shouted as she slipped beneath the water and the churning began; "why couldn't you have trusted me just this once?"

Hey I know it seems absurd. Lake monsters indeed! You think I enjoy the ridicule? Don't believe me then, see if I care...

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