Thursday, November 14, 2013

Concrete Form Surrounding Nothing

They say
To err is human
to comment is to err dangerously
so many choices, so little direction
**** so varied the response *****
nice-thanks-nice-thanks-nice-hey thanks
repetition causes hair growth on my palms
so I attempt to wrap sincerity
in cleverness
e respect

But what if one's stricken twice or thrice consecutive
can one praise and be seen agendaless
or is it impossible to find beauty
without lust
or greed
if the opinions expressed are seemingly always positive
can it be real
or only the natural progression of
the human mutual admiration society
the want to love and be loved

I can tell you
            you may doubt it
I know my heart
            you can only guess
I assure you it's all
            not just a cheap ploy
it may look absurd
            if one's not accustomed
but I swear it's just
            a quite silly ogre trying
to compensate
            for what's naturally
a so very scary
            ogreish demeanor

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That must have taken a while to set out. I'd like to hear the story behind this piece. Bravo.