Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ants Macabre (A shameless pandering in 4/4 time)

Oh no that's not a tear you spied
it's condensation on my cheek
no really
I can prove it
(well I'd show you, but I can't)

Why yes I feel just fine inside
I've had a quite amazing week
a story
a few poems
(only half a dozen rants)

You know it! You look like an ant!
I've always thought that funny too
No don't come up
Just stay there
(If I need your help I'll ask)

Yes, so you said, she'd love but can't
yup marriage was too much to do
forgive her?
sure no problem!
(let her rot inside her mask)

No No! I'm grateful for your ears
It's all the truth, I'm glad you rang
I'm happy!
(just believe it
save us both a lot of time)

Don't worry, It's a brand new year!
Yes I'll step off this overhang
it's windy!
40 stories!
(yes, a suicide in rhyme!)

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