Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oh Man!

The hoarfrost lays its blanket on the weepy threads of willow trees
and clumps of amber switchgrass stand to feed a nibbling fawn
The blinding glare of suntapped ice, the bitterness in gentle breeze
the majesty of winter's chill, this new year's natural dawn

An arctic fox, her kits tucked in, makes ready for her nightly hunt
while field mice and rabbits try to burrow out of sight
a brazen owl shouts out its needs, it's threat delivered loud and blunt
beware my claws, I'm hungry and I'll not be stopped tonight

My breath, a solid in this air, can cloud my vision when I'm still
my fingers clutch each other as if hugging in despair
My best is slow, and now I'm far more hindered by this four month drill
And yet, there's endless beauty if I'd spend a moment there

I swear I'll quit this every year, I'm not a winter sporting freak
it's easy overlooking charm when harm is at its side
but I once lived in everwarm where all is bland, no time unique
where spring might leap through autumn with no change at its divide

Yes ma'am it's cold, oh man that's right, but subtle changes make me thrill
you'd never think that freezing could be fine for shorts and tee
There's magic in a winter's grip; and views from high atop my hill
that fire my heart and warm my soul! This cold is part of me.

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