Monday, December 9, 2013

Three Teeny Stories


A lifetime they’d struggled with understanding one another. He’d believed they’d finally come to a place of peace, and concluded his schizophrenic daughter loved him as much as he’d always loved her.

“Dad”  he read as cancer consumed him, “You are the devil incarnate. Stay away from me, forever.”

A Pragmatic Betrothal

“I’m pregnant” she said, anticipating.

“I’m sterile” I said, “did I forget to tell you?”

“Damn you” she screamed, anticipation turning to rage.

“Do you want me that badly?”

“No, but you’re a better meal ticket.”

“I’ve always admired your honesty,” I said; “I’ll think about it.”


All his life Jerry had done the right thing, the honorable thing. He was a good man, compassionate, even benevolent his neighbors would say.

“It wasn’t a con Jerry, just small type,” said Cliff the mortgage banker.

“You’ll not have my home” Jerry said as he pulled the trigger.

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  1. I like all three, but the second really speaks to me.