Monday, January 20, 2014

Howl of Homicide

I have a love/hate relationship with nature. It's so incredibly farking beautiful it makes me want to weep in awe sometimes, honestly; I have, I hate to admit since my man card may be forfeit, shed a tear or two just from absorbing an amazing moment given me by the planet.

And yet it's so fucking malicious and cruel because of the simple fact that all creatures great and small need sustenance and many of those creatures are naturally carnivores. If we were created like some say, why wouldn't an all loving god make us in a way that would not require the destruction of other living things; and if we evolved as I believe, after millions of years couldn't we come up with a way to adapt something like photosynthesis to keep us going? Obviously the answer is no; we and our forest brethren must kill to survive; animals, plants, even insects. and many if not most of the hunted are hunters as well (IE: Killer Tomatoes).

It is what it is, I don't cringe, I'm not repulsed, I sometimes watch in fascination as others might the death throes of a beast in terror. But if wishes were horses and I were king, we'd all need a couple hours of sunlight every day and that would be that.

Winter's land before them stood ablaze in earnest white;
brittle, fragile, yearning to make day from moonlit night
The icy silence shattered,
creatures fought for space to hide
there is naught so chilling in the pale, as howls of homicide

It was seven that I spotted as they burst through powder snow
yet as only one they galloped, as if channeled water flow
they were on the doe in moments
it was helpless to it's fear
and the moon stood silent witness as the fittest persevered 


  1. Lovely piece, almost a haibun. Were the wolves or coyotes?

    1. Wolves. Wolves are a lot more coordinated and disciplined in their attacks to my knowledge. Coyotes are more scattered and singular.