Friday, February 28, 2014

From the Darkness

From the darkness came the image of a life I once knew well
it was free of dour and bellicose, unshackled from its hell
and I recognized its hidden truth, the secret in its grin
it was every painless moment of the man I’ve seldom been

“For a price” the visage said to me, “I’ll give you back your soul;
you must give me all your pettiness, your spiteful vitriol.
For good measure leave your mindless rage and overbearing tongue
with the myriad self hatreds you’ve been wallowing among.”

There I turned away and rummaged through my past as best I could
in a search for who might be to blame for tortures I’ve withstood;
as my bitterness is not my choice, but placed upon my back
it’s the weight of years in bondage to the world’s non stop attack

“It’s because of you” I muttered to myself, the grinning face;
“It’s your need to be a part of life, you never knew your place.
Had you kept us at a distance from the lovelorn and their need
we would not have suffered such lament, our failures wouldn’t bleed.”

“Yes our life has taken turns” he said, “with consequences dire.
It has been at times a tapestry, though more a raging fire.
But today I offer you this lease, a fresh unfettered path
Leave your endless disappointments with their loudly selfish wrath.”

I must say he had a point, though I was angered by his smile
I hate people so damned happy, I feel safer under bile
Yet I’ll think upon a future sans my fangs and somewhat barkless
as described by alter ego, peering calmly from the darkness.