Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Case for the Murder of John Benson

Brenda couldn't have been more excited. As she scurried to add the final touches to her wardrobe and makeup, she couldn't help but giggle. John, her elder and generally most annoying brother had finally come through on a promise made in her name.

Ever since he'd returned from Japan after his two year student exchange program had expired, John had continually talked about his friend Yoshi. It had driven her mad at first, the constant "Yoshi would say..." and "if Yoshi were here he'd..." served to make Brenda's ears ring and her head dense with the fog of uncorrectable boredom. But over time, John's stories became more animated, his visual more colorful. At last came a day when Brenda thought Yoshi sounded not only intellectually fascinating, physically superior and humbly wise, but upon constructing an image of this stranger based on her brother's vague descriptions, he appeared to be somewhat of a hottie as well.

It had never occurred to the girl to ask a sibling to arrange a date for her; until she’d heard that Yoshi was coming to the States to visit John. It wasn’t easy to contain her giddiness, it had been years since she’d felt so adventuresome and overwhelmed by the mysterious. John had laughed at her request. She’d persisted. John tried to talk her down from her cloud. Brenda wouldn’t take no for an answer. Of course John would feel uncomfortable arranging a date for his sister; that was understandable. But she wasn’t about to let him fail her simply because he’d feel uncomfortable.

And now the night had come, only a few minutes remained before Brenda would finally meet the man of her recent dreams.

“Do I look alright?” she asked her mother breathlessly while primping her hair one last time. “Where did John go, didn’t he want to say hello to his friend?”

Brenda’s mom brushed her hands along her daughter’s shoulders as if to straighten a wrinkle in progress. “You look wonderful dear. John had to meet an instructor this evening. He said to make sure you didn’t say anything about Yoshi’s age as he hates when people try and guess how old he is.”

“Gosh” said Brenda, “I’d never think of asking him such a silly question. So he doesn’t look his age? I certainly looker older than I am… don’t I mom?”

The Benson’s doorbell rang, the date had arrived.

“Sure you do honey” mom answered as she leaned in to kiss the girl’s cheek; “You look at least 22, much older than 19. Now you kids have fun tonight and make sure Yoshi has you home by midnight!”

Brenda returned her mother’s kiss. “Thanks mom, I’ll bet we’re gonna have a great time.”

Then the girl near trotted down the hall and gripped the stair banister so as to take the corner faster than she normally might. She flew down the steps, jumping over three at a time until on the foyer landing. There she straightened her skirt and fluffed her hair, reached to the door handle and flung the entry open, a huge smile lighting her exceptionally pretty face and the words Welcome Yoshi on the tip of her tongue.

“You must be Brenda” said the old man, his fingers fumbling with what appeared to be a ninja sword. “I have taxi waiting, you are ready for fun night out?”

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