Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thursday Love

I have seen the sun in full retreat, an angry, black doubloon
and I've read the Shakespeare sonnets by the golden harvest moon
now the stars have brought me to your door, wherein I stood to gaze
your celestial beauty set my heart ablaze

I have drifted over rivers, sandy shorelines fringed with ice
I once stood atop a mountain o'er a glacial paradise
I had slept in virgin forest and awoke in woodland mist
but until your lips touched mine, I'd not been kissed

I have walked in Monet's gardens and I've heard the dolphins cry
I've laughed in pouring, frigid rain, beneath a rainbowed sky
I had whispered on a summer breeze, collected morning dew
yet, I'd not beheld the mystery of you

It's a leap of any logic that I'd have you in my life
even moreso as my partner, as my confidante and wife
that I'm not the least bit worthy must be obvious by now
but I'll treasure every second you'll allow

I have walked the corners of the earth, and sailed the green-grey seas
and I've witnessed many miracles that dropped me to my knees
but none have made me wonder more, I doubt that any will
as the miracle that you would love me still

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