Monday, March 24, 2014

Chief Toad

To be sung to 'Away in a Manger'

Alone in a bathtub in Hilton’s hotel
I’m feeling much lighter, my feet hardly smell
I’ve washed where my mom would, behind my big ears,
And finished the six pack of honor bar beers

Six months on the road with a rock and roll band
My head pounds like thunder, my brains shift like sand
The coke was amazing, the music so-so;
(But music can't suck if one has enough blow)

It’s two in the morning, at four we depart
Another great tour stop we picked with a dart
We’ll sing for our supper and dance for dessert
Then stake out our groupies and redefine “flirt”

My dad thinks I’m crazy, my mom, she just cries
They think I’d be better off serving up fries
But I have a title, “Chief Toad of the Crew”
A “first rate career” is in one’s point of view

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