Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Choose Your Weapon

Tell me a story of color and breeze
while I sit at your feet with my head on your knees
read me of lions and tigers and bears
while you poke me with toes and you play with my hair
tell me I'm worth it, your time and desire
My love, give me a taste of your flickering fire

Sing me a lullaby, soft as the moon
you can make it a whirling and twirling balloon
whisper a melody gentle and free
won't you sing just one chorus of your love to me
play it in time with the beating of hearts
Please just sing me of sunset before it departs

Paint me a picture of purple hued skies
you can draw any angel with tears in her eyes
sketch out a charcoal of flowers and leaves
use crayons to color your best make believes
pencil my name with an arrow below
Darlin' paint me the places that you'd like to go

Write on some cardboard your wildest dreams
I can watch you jot down some preposterous schemes
Pen me a letter that makes me confess
I will read any thought that you wish to express
Write a sad tale of two lovers apart
Baby bless me tonight with your beautiful art

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