Sunday, April 27, 2014

Flashes of Woe

The Price of Change

Jack had never required a clock to wake him. At six A.M; for 55 years, he was bright eyed and ready. So when the beeping began at five A.M. it took Jack's brain a few minutes to determine a purpose to the sound. Being dragged from REM to reality would leave his decision making prowess unbalanced. If there was a moment's hesitation to be had, it would be lost in the cusp between consciousness'.

In that fog Jack gripped his destiny, setting the barrel to his lips.

With a squeeze of a single finger, Jack’s lifelong pain peaked, then passed.

The Best of Intentions

It hadn’t been easy to poison entire populations; for any of them. But at last the human race dwindled, until only the 64 of them remained. One would think they’d be somber, yet to a person, the last living homo sapiens on planet earth were pleased, some downright joyful.

“To the mother”, Hetta Jones, the leader of Earth First said as she raised her cup skyward. “The Mother” replied the rest as they swilled their own poisons, willing the planet to the animals.

An hour past that noble gesture, the previously unseen asteroid C3217 slammed into Earth, and it imploded.

Can't Take it With You

Kathy had fought her soon to be ex husband Donnie tooth and nail for her share of the family wealth. That she’d been a member of the family only 12 days before beginning divorce proceedings was moot. She’d suffered; she deserved.

Two thousand people were fired as Ferris Industries was dismantled and sold to satisfy the court’s demands. A rift swallowed the blood relatives involved, as people vied for position on either side.

Donnie took his life in the end. Kathy, overjoyed to snatch her first check from her mailbox, never saw the careening, out of control garbage truck coming.

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