Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Craven

Once upon a journal browsing, after dinner and carousing,
just before my nightly drowsing, drowsing on my office floor;
There I spied an odd remarking, ‘twas a challenge lightly sparking,
Chester on some quest embarking, harking to a treadle lore.
Sexy Feet and Friday were the only words the notice bore!
Only this, and nothing more

Only yesterday he posted, “I’ve a theme to use” he boasted,
“It will be a party hosted like no party heretofore”!
“You must photograph your steppers, whether models or mere lepers
spicily, like ten toed peppers, standing there upon your floors.
Sexy shoed is preferable, but any way we might adore.
Make us lust for evermore!”

Suddenly I heard a ticking, like a pair of tap shoes clicking,
then a horrid, roundhouse kicking, kicking at my closet door.
I stepped forward, stomach quivering, grabbed the handle, fingers shivering,
yanked it open! Then delivering freedom to the ghostly corps!
“Who are you and tell me quickly” there my stammering voice implored.
All they said was, “Nevermore”.

Shoes of suspect peerage flew across the room like cats might do,
and jumped as if a kangaroo to land above my bedroom door!
Perched upon my statue there of me back when I had more hair,
they shuffled and they squeaked, I swear, like vampire bats at war.
And then they shouted “Find us sexy! Or we’ll haunt you, priggish bore!”
This they said and nothing more.

“Sneaker fiends!” I screamed in terror, “You have made a frightful error,
you are but a sweat sock bearer, sexy like a toilet store!
If I were to pose for pleasure you would be no lusty treasure
by your make and by your measure you are naught but underscore!”
“Stop!” they cried, “You’ve crossed us clearly, soon your head shall suffer dearly
we shall stomp you quite sincerely, you shan’t mock us heretofore.
Quoth my Reeboks “Nevermore”

Now I crouch behind my telly, sucking in my bulbous belly
hidden from shoes old and smelly, clomping ‘cross my hallway floor
All for want of Chester’s musing, I may take a foot fed bruising
this I’m sure he’ll find amusing, add it to his Friday lore.
All for feet he might explore!
Only this, and nothing more.

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